When it comes to planning a wedding, every detail matters. From the venue to the decor, couples strive to create a unique and memorable experience for their guests. One often overlooked aspect of the wedding ceremony is the music. Traditionally, weddings have followed a set list of classical songs, but more and more couples are opting for non-traditional ceremony songs to add a personal touch to their special day. In this blog post, we will explore the world of non-traditional ceremony songs and how they can elevate the ambiance of your wedding. So, if you’re looking for inspiration to create a truly unforgettable ceremony, keep reading!

Non-traditional Non-traditional Ceremony Songs Non-traditional Ceremony Songs

Prelude – Setting the Tone

The prelude is the music played as guests arrive and take their seats before the ceremony begins. This is the perfect opportunity to set the tone and create a welcoming atmosphere. Non-traditional ceremony songs for the prelude can include contemporary love songs, instrumental covers of popular songs, or even songs that hold special meaning to the couple. By choosing songs that resonate with you and your partner, you can create a warm and inviting ambiance that reflects your unique love story.

Walking Down the Aisle – Making a Grand Entrance

The moment when the bride walks down the aisle is one of the most cherished moments of any wedding ceremony. Traditionally, the bride walks to the tune of the “Bridal Chorus.” However, non-traditional ceremony songs offer an opportunity to make a grand entrance that truly reflects your personality. Consider walking down the aisle to a favorite song that holds sentimental value or choosing a contemporary instrumental piece that captures the essence of your love. This is your moment to shine, so let the music be a reflection of your unique journey.

Ceremony Music – Personalizing the Vows

As the ceremony progresses, there are several moments where you can incorporate non-traditional ceremony songs to personalize your vows. For example, during the lighting of the unity candle or the signing of the marriage certificate, you can choose songs that hold special meaning to you and your partner. These songs can evoke emotions and create a deeper connection between you, your partner, and your guests. Whether it’s a heartfelt ballad or an upbeat song that represents your shared passions, the right music can enhance the significance of these cherished moments.

Recessional – Celebrating Your Union

After exchanging vows and saying “I do,” it’s time to celebrate your union with a joyous recessional song. Traditionally, the recessional song is a triumphant and uplifting piece, such as Mendelssohn’s “Wedding March.” However, non-traditional ceremony songs offer an opportunity to inject some fun and personality into this moment. Consider choosing an upbeat and lively song that reflects your style as a couple. It could be a contemporary hit or a classic favorite that gets everyone on their feet, ready to celebrate your new chapter together.

Non-traditional Ceremony Songs

  1. “Why” by Elevation, Valley Boys
  2. “Multiplied” by NEEDTOBREATHE
  3. “River” by Leon Bridges
  4. “The Beautiful Dream” by George Ezra
  5. “You Are the Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne


Your wedding day is a celebration of your love story, and every detail should reflect your unique journey. Choosing non-traditional ceremony songs allows you to infuse your personality and create a truly memorable experience for you and your guests. From the prelude to the recessional, each song can be carefully selected to evoke emotions, set the tone, and enhance the significance of each moment. So, let the music be a reflection of your love, and watch as it adds an extra layer of magic to your special day.

October 4, 2023


Non-traditional Ceremony Songs: A Unique Touch